Why You Should Start Playing Word Games Now!

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Victor, a 4th-grade student is a proud boy. His vocabulary is better than his classmates. The English teacher just loves his answers. His friends make him feel as if he has superpowers! So, what do you think is the secret? The Merriam Webster dictionary? No, that is too boring for him. His English-speaking parents? They did help him sometimes. So then, what was the little secret that helped Victor improve his English vocabulary? 



Yes, this simple and easy word game app is his magic wand through which he tremendously improves his English vocabulary. He devotes half an hour after school every day to play QUIZIFY. His parents are more than delighted to see him play such an interesting word game. If he fails to form words in the middle of the game, he takes the help of his parents. Gradually, this game time becomes a family bonding time. He proudly tells his parents about the game levels completed each day. He has started using the new words in between sentences. His parents always guide him and encourage him. Victor excels in his vocabulary not by doing something difficult. It is a simple word game- QUIZIFY!


What is Quizify?

Quizify is a unique word game specially designed for improving the English vocabulary of both kids & adults. This mobile game app is simple to use and you can start playing right away after downloading it from the app store. This word game is absolutely FREE!


Playing is the favorite way to learn!

If you want to improve your vocabulary and spelling, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the hard way. Quizify is the best fun way to learn new words. All you have to do is come up with the letter combinations that make sense when arranged in the right way.


No Time Limit!    

Quizify doesn’t force creativity. All are not equal. Some take more time to complete tasks when compared to others. Forcing to complete a creative task within a set time inhibits the learning process. It is always better to give time rather than make learners nervous and hinder their creativity.   


Meanwhile, test your KQ!

Quizify also has a quiz section for those enthusiastic to improve their general knowledge. It has various quiz topics and you can select a familiar one to start with. Later, you can advance to new topics that will help you improve your KQ (knowledge quotient) vastly.


Win coins all the way up!

While completing levels and chapters in Quizify, you earn incentives in the form of coins. The coins can be spent to provide hints to tough word challenges. In the end, these coins can fetch you rewards.


Fun with Spin!

Want more coins? Try your luck with the spin. Quizify allows you to spin and earn coins. The spin has varying rewards and you never know how many coins you can win for the day.        


Add New Words To Your Bucket!

Sometimes, playing the word game in Quizify can be tricky. Yes, if you have found a meaningful word through letter combinations and you think it is the right word, the app may surprise you by not taking the word and rather transferring it to your bucket of new words. But the plus point is that if your bucket gets filled with 10 new words, you gain a free spin and a chance to collect extra coins.


So, what are you waiting for?

Start playing QUIZIFY right now! Encourage everyone to play this new exciting word game. It is a golden chance to improve your English vocabulary the fun way and also collect coins through it. Be a pro in English words and let the world know it. Ah! The power of QUIZIFY, the ultimate word game for all!   

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